Sunday, February 20, 2011

Chocolate Berry Green Monster

I present my newest creation:

It's even uglier than a standard Green Monster (spinach, milk, banana, and ice), but it tastes soooooo good.

You need:

1. A bag of frozen mixed berries (I used blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries)
2. Two handfuls of spinach
3. 2/3 cup milk
4. Chocolate protein powder
5. A tablespoon of nut butter (I used SunButter)
6. Several ice cubes (despite having frozen berries, I wanted more ice and used 4 cubes. If you're going to use fresh berries, try putting in 7 cubes or so)

Until last week, I had never put SunButter in a smoothie before, but it is really tasty! Another key ingredient was the frozen berries - the raspberries and the chocolate together are really good. The spinach is a bonus - you get extra veggie servings yet you can't taste it.

Try this version of a Green Monster and if you don't like it I'll give you your money back! Not really, but try it anyway.

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