Monday, February 28, 2011

Oscar-Worthy Sunday

Sunday morning I woke up early for a yoga class at my gym at 10 am. Mom went with me! Because I'm used to doing hot yoga at a separate studio, I tend to get a little chilly in the yoga classes at my gym. I wore a long sleeved shirt and spandex pants and was pretty comfortable. My right hamstring was really sore yesterday from the race, and that hamstring tends to flare up this time every year, so I went easy on it. My hamstring gets sore/pulls whenever I do too much speed work, or perhaps sprint the last mile and a half of a 5k, which is what I did Saturday. Strength training and lightening up on the speed work will take things back to normal.

On Sunday I also got to cook one of my favorite dishes and be treated to a fabulous soup! Quinoa + Zucchini Lasagna by Peas and Thank You is sooo good and so easy to make too. I've modified her original recipe by making 2 cups of quinoa instead of 1. I found that 1 cup didn't provide a thick enough "pasta" layer for me. It's better to make too much than too little, and if you have leftovers then even better! I also had some mushrooms that I needed to cook, so I threw those into the cooking quinoa for the last few minutes.

Here is a picture of the lasagna layers:

The bottom layer is marinara sauce, then zucchini strips, then the quinoa and a few mushrooms. I repeat the layer three times then put on a little more marinara. For the entire dish I use probably 2/3 of a jar so it's not extremely saucy.


The layers are somewhat hard to see but they are there!

I didn't eat the lasagna last night because I went over to Steph + Paul's for dinner. We enjoyed DELICIOUS homemade chicken noodle soup a la Paul:

Besides chicken and egg noodles, Paul put in kale, carrots, celery, and mushrooms. I ate two bowls of course.

Tea was consumed, also a given:

Bigelow Tea, I love you.

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