Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Power Vinyasa

Yoga was, as it should be, wonderful.

Here's a picture of the yoga room at Hot Yoga Louisville:

Nice, huh?

Now just throw Steph and me in there, and that was our class! Our instructor was a woman named Jennifer who isn't an instructor at the studio (yet) so Thursday night was her "audition." Because it was her audition, I don't think she wanted to do anything too crazy, so we did a lot of your standard poses: Downward Dog, Warrior 1-3, Exalted Warrior, Chair, Boat, Dancer, etc. A very challenging yet fun pose we did was Half Moon

So I learned something the other day. Inversions in yoga, where your legs are over your head or your head is below your heart, etc, can be really good for the immune system! The idea is that the blood rushes into the collarbone area and stimulates the lymphatic system. Your lymphnodes swell when you're sick (and especially when you have Mono) so if you can trigger them a little more than usual then you're doing a body good. You don't have to do a headstand to get the benefits. Downward Dog, or even resting your legs straight up a wall are considered inversions. Since my yoga class last Thursday I've been trying to do some type of inversion every day, even if just for a minute or two!

On Friday and Saturday morning, I woke up with extremely sore arms due to all the upper body work. This might sound strange, but I was happy to be sore. I've missed pushing myself and feeling like I've done a body good! Note that I do not aim to make myself sore after every workout - you should only push yourself so hard so often!

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