Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday the 13th + Hammerheads

For a Friday the 13th, today has been a good day. This morning I went to my gym and swam a mile in under 40 minutes, which included two breaks! I was so happy and I felt strong in the pool. I've been really sleepy in the mornings even though the sun is already up by the time I get out of bed. Seeing how bright it was on the drive to the gym motivated me to plan for some early morning runs. Overall, whether it's inside or outside, I like working out in the morning. After work, you have the rest of your day to make time for friends and family!

After my not-so-great Bikram class on Wednesday, I got to check out a newish restaurant/dive in Louisville called Hammerheads. The place is truly a dive, and it's been extremely popular, so we had to wait for a table even at 8 pm.

We started out with a grit cake appetizer, which was drizzled with barbecue sauce:

For my main meal I got the Garcia burger, which was sun-dried tomatoes, mushrooms, and falafel:

We also got fries fried in duck fat. If you aren't a vegetarian, you have to try duck fat fries if you have the opportunity. They are so delicious!

Hammerheads serves most of their food on those cool boards, which was a nice touch. They also have a lot of pork and barbecue, and apparently their duck tacos are to die for! They are vegetarian friendly (my burger was vegetarian) but I think meat lovers would have the best experience.

Tomorrow is our Girls on the Run 5k! Pictures to come!

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