Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Sweet Potato Burritos

On Sunday I made a meal based from Healthy Tipping Point's Sweet Potato and Pinto Bean Enchiladas.

While her recipe calls for pinto beans, I didn't have any, so I used black beans.

While her recipe calls for processing the ingredients together, my food processor may or may not be broken, so I didn't do that.

1 sweet potato
1 can of black beans
A couple handfuls of spinach
1 can salsa verde

I peeled and cubed the sweet potato and boiled it for 15 minutes. Here's an action photo:

And yes, our stove has not been replaced since the 70s.

Prepping the tortillas:

Post oven:

For such a simple recipe, these burritos were GOOD. The salsa verde on top really made the dish. I'm thinking that salsa could make a lot of things better. I will make these burritos again and maybe change up the ingredients inside? Before then, I hope my food processor can be figured out/fixed. So many good recipes call for its use and I get discouraged!

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