Monday, September 19, 2011

I Love DC

If I had to live in a bigger city, I would probably choose Washington, DC.  "The District" gets me every time: it's beautiful, there's a lot to do, I have a lot of friends there, etc.  At the same time, I'm glad that I don't live there for several reasons:

1. I don't have to deal with insane traffic
2. I don't have trouble finding places to park
3. My rent is 1/2 of what people pay there (when I tell people how much I pay for rent per month their jaws drop)
4. I would be broke because I would go shopping 24/7

All in all, I'm very grateful that I get to visit annually!

On Sunday, I went to brunch at the Hotel Tabard Inn (redundant much?) in Dupont Circle.  I walked in and immediately felt like I was going back in time to the 20s with their ornate fixtures and furnishings.  The dining area had a lighter feel to it, and we were seated in a cozy corner with a view of their garden/patio area.  We shared a delicious donut served with vanilla cream, and then I ordered the Frittata for my entree. 

It had peppers, basil, parmesan cheese, potatoes, and a few other things in it? 

My friend had the Savory Tart which was really flavorful - I think she won.  Mine was still delicious! 

Later on that afternoon we took a long walk/run down Embassy Row which is beautiful and fascinating.  Many of the embassy buildings reflect architecture that you might see in their respective country.  Even the smaller embassy buildings were beautiful and well cared for.  One thing that DC has going for them is that the city is (or appears to be) so clean!  That's something I can definitely appreciate :)

I hope everyone had a nice weekend - back to the grind!

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  1. I love D.C.!! I try and go twice a year even though it's about an 8 hour drive! Tons of free things to see and it's just beautiful! Ever eaten at Ben's Chili bowl? One of my favorite dive's on U St.