Monday, June 25, 2012

Getting My Summer Back!

This past weekend was the conclusion of wedding season for me.  With three weddings in five weeks, two of which were out of town, and two of which I was in, that's a lot of time!  By the time the reception of wedding #3 rolled around, I was exhausted.  I was ready to go home, jump into bed, and sleep the night away.  Instead, I went onto the dance floor and stayed there for basically two hours doing my typical jumping around.  I don't really like to call my dancing skills "dancing."  That sounds too fancy.

Now that the weddings are over, I feel like I can officially start my summer!  My life really isn't going to slow down though: On Saturday I am heading to South Carolina for about eight days, then I go to Tampa in mid-July, then I'm house sitting the weekend after that, then I have my triathlon the Saturday after that.  Yes...the triathlon.  I am officially signed up so there's no backing out now!  Once again, here are the distances:

1/2 mile swim
14 mile bike
5k run

The only portion I am "concerned" about is the biking, but I am dedicated to improving in the next five weeks.  I'm taking my bike to SC with me so I can bike down there and also do some Bricks (doing more than one portion of a tri in a single workout).  The road that goes around the island is 6-6.5 miles long so I'm thinking one day I'll do two times around and then run 2-3 miles.  I'm getting tired just thinking about that.

Speaking of being tired, I've been tired/fatigued A LOT lately.  For the second time in a week I turned off my 6:15 alarm because I was too tired to wake up and run.  Another thing is that I've been really thirsty all the time.  Finally, I feel like it's taking me longer than normal to recover from my workouts. Possible culprits?

1. Allergies
2. I need a more sustainable drink than water
3. I need to eat more food
4. I need more sleep

To try and address all the issues, I went back on allergy medicine the other day.  I take a generic Claritin.  I bought some powder G2 and am adding some of it to my water so I am taking in electrolytes and carbs instead of just water.  The plan is to drink it during kettle bells classes and post-workouts.  I think I am also going to drink a protein shake after many workouts in addition to eating dinner.  Protein shakes will hopefully curb my late late night/early morning hunger pangs that wake me up.  Finally, I'd like to get at least seven hours of sleep at night.  Eight would be even more ideal.  My quality of sleep is good, but it's the quantity of sleep that needs improvement. 

Anyone else running into some ruts lately?  How are you powering through?

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