Monday, November 19, 2012

Yoga, Crowds, and Movies, Oh My!

This past weekend was awesome.  I saw two former coworkers who are always fun to get together with, saw two movies, and had two great workouts.

I went to kettle bells on Saturday.  For the past couple of months I haven't done very many kettle bell classes for two main reasons:

1. Running was a bigger priority.
2. I am not sure if kettle bells is giving me the body type I want.  Remember how I talked about Crossfit and how a lot of those Crossfit women look too muscular for my taste? I am afraid of KB doing the same!  For as short as I am, I do not want to have tree trunk thighs.  Perhaps sitting down with my KB instructor and expressing my concerns would be a good idea.  However, I don't think going to one or two KB classes per week is going to turn me into a butch broad :)

On Saturday we did a mix of our usual weighted exercises with cardio/team exercises on the indoor track.  The first team exercise was wheelbarrow and bear crawl.  One of us was the wheelbarrow, one of us held the wheelbarrow's legs, and the other person bear crawled behind.  The track at my gym is 1/11th of a mile on the outside lane and 1/12th of a mile on the inside.  We only had to go one time around the track with us alternating between all three positions, but it was challenging.  However, I have found my strength: doing the wheelbarrow.  I was clearly the team leader when it came to that!  Maybe it's because I am smaller, but I felt like a wheelbarrowing machine.  Hopefully we can do that more often.

On Sunday I went to a Bikram class, but it was NOT at my normal studio!  I kind of feel like a traitor, but I really wanted to take advantage of a Groupon and buy 10 classes for $49 as opposed to $145 at my regular studio.  The studio is called Heat Yoga & Wellness.  It's a smaller studio, and it's definitely not as exposed as Hot Yoga Louisville, which is appealing.  That kind of brings me to a different subject: crowds.  Crowds might be my least favorite thing ever and I kind of schedule myself around avoiding crowds.

- In the yoga studio, I get extremely irritated if someone puts their yoga mat closer than a foot to mine, in any direction.  I admit, one time I flipped out on someone and made them move away.
- I prefer going to yoga classes at strange times so I can potentially avoid a crowded room. 
- I run errands early in the morning or late at night (especially grocery shopping) to avoid crowds.
- I prefer leaving for places earlier than later to avoid crowds or to anticipate them.

And so on, and so on.  There are some situations where crowds don't bother me, like concerts or sporting events.  If I'm with another person, I'm not as bothered by crowds because I have a distraction/support system.  But being alone in crowds makes me feel super vulnerable.  Anyway, I went to a 9:30 am Bikram w/ music class yesterday at Heat.  Fortunately, I had plenty of personal space! The yoga room is probably half the size of the yoga room at HYL, but the flooring was mats (like gymnastics mats) as opposed to the rubber at HYL which gets so hot.  It was an awesome class, maybe a little cool in the room for my taste, but I still enjoyed it.  Today I'm planning on going to a Hot Combo class which is the Bikram standing series + 15-20 minutes of Vinyasa flow.  Traditionally, Mondays at gyms, studios, etc are the most crowded days, but I really want to go to this class, and perhaps with it being Thanksgiving week it won't be as bad.

Any of you readers have problem with crowds like I do? 

Switching to something more upbeat, I saw The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 and Skyfall this past weekend.  Both were awesome!  Breaking Dawn has a huge twist which will temporarily turn your world upside down.  During the ending credits they took the time to show the picture and name of everyone who has been a character in the saga, even people who were in past movies and not in this last one, and it was a really nice touch.  I will probably go see it again.  Skyfall was amazing as I had heard it would be and it looks like the Bond movies are starting to revert back to how they were in the 60s with characters, themes, etc.  Daniel Craig did a great job as Bond once again, but I have to admit that he is starting to look a little too tired/old for the part.  He probably has just one more Bond movie in him. 

Have a great day!

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