Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Law of Large Numbers

Happy 2014.

This morning I had an epiphany of sorts regarding my friendships and relationships.  Last night I did not sleep very well as I've had a couple of issues on my mind lately, and they woke me up around 4 am.  When I woke up for the second time this morning, I started thinking again about how I get offended easily and take things personally very easily.  It seems as if I am always upset about how someone has treated me, and that's all I can think about!  However, if I stop and reflect on ALL of my interactions with people, they are mostly pleasant.  Therefore, if I think about the Law of Large Numbers in terms of my positive and negative interactions, then they should ultimately average out.  In other words:

Despite negative instances seeming so much more prevalent in my head than positive ones, in the long run, I will probably end up with an equal number of each (hopefully more positive).

Have I had more positive things happen lately? Sure!  I was invited to join four different groups for NYE, I had a good friend send me an email out of the blue, and I had a very pleasant conversation with a coworker yesterday who was eager to talk to me.

I think I realize why the negative experiences seem to affect me so much more: because I am being treated ways in which I would not treat others.  If others are kind to me or generous to me, it seems natural because that's how I want to be every single day.  Granted, I am not perfect.  I have a snarky side that comes out, but we all have our light and our dark, right?

Anyway, I hope that for myself in 2014, I can remember the positive and remember the light, and not let the dark overshadow it.

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