Sunday, January 31, 2010

How's It Going To Be

So I went with my mother to the gym and did a 90 minute yoga class. Next time I need to wear more clothes because I was a bit chilly the whole time...that is what hot yoga will do to you! The instructor kept asking the class (mostly middle-aged women) "Is anyone cold?" and I would shout "Yes!" but so many other people would shout "No!" so I was SOL. We did some vinyasas and lots of warrior poses, included inverted warrior!

That is not me, that is a woman named Hillary (I think) that I found on Google Images.

One of the final poses we did was Lotus, and then we put our hands on the ground right below our shoulders, and lifted ourselves off the ground. I can't easily find a picture for that. Instead of sitting indian-style, you put your right foot on top of your left thigh, and then bring your left foot on top and put it on your right thigh. In the past I've had trouble lifting myself off the ground, but this morning I did it so easily that I was astonished!

After the class, the instructor approached me and said, (not joking) "Where do you come from?" I laughed and replied, "I belong to Milestone (the gym) but I practice at Betsy's Hot Yoga. She said, "Well you have a beautiful practice!" I about skipped out of that room!

Mommyfill (a term of endearment for my mother that most of my friends use that combines "Mommy" and the last part of my last name, Waterfill) and I went to Whole Foods and had lunch and did some grocery shopping. Katie in her blog, Sweet Tater, mentions Green Goddess dressing a lot so I just HAD to get some! I can't wait to use it! We bought our produce at Whole Foods and then I went to Kroger to buy other stuff. I walked over to the organic section and almost screamed when I saw that they carry SUNBUTTER. I also found a product by Peanut Butter & Co and got the Cinnamon Raisin Swirl kind. It has no trans fats, no cholesterol, and no hydrogenated oils. Alleluia! Sunbutter and the PB&Co product will now live together in perfect harmony at my house.

Finally, I made some oatmeal raisin cookies from a recipe I found here:

They call for applesauce instead of oil, and they are just delicious!

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  1. PB&Co has a restaurant in NYC that will blow.your.mind.