Saturday, February 6, 2010

Walk of Life

I'm sorry I've been a bad blogger lately. During the work week I stare at the computer and run around for 8.5 hours, then I have to work out, and I barely have any time to relax. Needless to say, when I do have down time during the week, the last thing I want to do is get on the computer again.

Because I'm trying to cram in Bikram and other hot yoga classes before my unlimited month pass ends, I'm having to move around my runs and cram them into my workout schedule as well. As much as I love yoga, I will be relieved when this month pass expires and I won't feel so pressured to get to the studio. I did a Bikram class today with one of my favorite teachers (Terry) and will do another tomorrow afternoon.

Saturdays are long run days, and I was supposed to run 7 miles today. Instead, I ran 5 on Thursday night and 3 on Friday morning. The five miler I did outside, and it was wonderful. It wasn't too cold outside, and it gave me a chance to do some hill work. I really am feeling stronger even though my weekly mileage is no where near what the schedule calls for. This week I logged 13.5 miles and the schedule called for 22 I think? I don't want running to become a chore for me...I don't want it to not be fun. On the Women's Health website I read some running tips and one of them really stood out. They suggested to measure your runs in minutes and not in miles. It makes complete sense once you think about it! If you have to run a certain mileage, let's say 3 miles, many would be tempted to run it as quickly as they could just to get it over with. Instead, one could plan to run for 30 minutes and obviously you cannot speed up time.

Food update: I've noticed the settings where I eat the most: at office lunches and when I'm babysitting. Yesterday we had an office lunch AND I babysat and I ate for someone twice my size. I need to slow down and actually taste and enjoy the food instead of shoveling it in my mouth like someone is going to take it away from me. One of the yoga instructors tells us to not just drink our water but taste it too and I like that. Earlier this week I made a vegan pasta dish that included: whole grain rotini, onions, tomato sauce, kidney beans, kale, and corn. Next time I make it I will probably add some of Morning Star's soy meal helper which is the veggie version of ground beef or turkey.

Finally, I chopped off my hair this past Wednesday and although I've received a lot of good feedback and been told I look like Winona Ryder and/or Anne Hathaway even more than usual, it's hard to pull it back for running or yoga! That is a very silly problem to have could be a lot worse!

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