Sunday, February 21, 2010


So I have an injury, but it's not running related, so I'm not completely down about it. I'm not sure if this incident is the culprit, but it's the only one I can think of: carrying my 45 lb. suitcase down five flights of stairs in New York tweaked my back. The pain got progressively worse, and on Thursday at work I was practically in tears so I scheduled an appointment with a chiropractor.

What an experience! I went to Highland Chiropractic on Bardstown Road and they were very thorough and Dr. Copeland is soft spoken and easy to talk to. He said he thinks I pinched a nerve which caused the muscles around the nerve to tighten. He did a few adjustments and my back and neck improved. Next week I'm going to go back for another treatment.

However, in the past few days, my back has gone back to how it was before BECAUSE of running. Friday I ran 3 miles and then yesterday I ran for 76 minutes. I ran just fine and didn't have to stop because of the pain, but right now sitting in bed is painful.

Today I'm supposed to go to yoga (Bikram) and there are a lot of backbends in the series which makes me wonder two things: 1. Am I going to hurt myself more? and 2. They say that backbends are our friends so maybe I'll be helping the pain? I will probably end up going to yoga, but Monday is a rest day so that is probably coming at a good time. Also, I plan to schedule a massage at the gym spa with Tsue, the best massage therapist ever. I'm going to stay confident that my back is going to be okay!

More about the 76 minute run yesterday: My friend Lizzie and I went to Iroquois Park to run which is park of the mini marathon course. When you are driving up to Iroquois it looks like you're driving up to a mountain because it's just as hilly as Cherokee Park. We ran through the hills and also along Southern Parkway, which is (thankfully) flat and also part of the course. After weeks and weeks of snow and below-freezing temperatures, we ran in 45 or so degrees and sunshine and it was a wonderful change. According to the official mini marathon training schedule, yesterday was supposed to be a 10 mile run, and next Saturday should be 11 miles. Because I don't want to increase my mileage so dramatically, I'll shoot for a 9 mile run instead. If I can run 9 miles, I can certainly run 11.

Here's to hoping that Bikram, a massage, and rest will relieve my back pain!

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