Monday, February 22, 2010

Everybody Hurts (Sometimes)

Bikram. Was. Awesome.

Yesterday I got dressed for class, put on a jacket, stepped outside, and said, "Whoa." It was 60 degrees and sunny. After the past few weeks of "I never think I'm going to be warm again," it was WARM outside. I was lamenting my choice to go to yoga instead of taking a walk or run outside, but I'm so glad I went to class. The class was really full, btw. What was everyone else thinking? I know everyone else didn't go run over 7 miles the day before.

Anyway, I did really well in class. I took my time getting into the postures and took it easy when it came to the postures where you have to pull on your feet (per my yoga instructor). The backbends felt great....Camel felt slightly uncomfortable, but it's a really deep compression pose.

That is not me, btw. I don't bring my photographer to Bikram class :)

Today is a rest day and I am thoroughly enjoying it. Tomorrow I have a 5:20ish AM wake up call to look forward to so I can go to the gym to run and lift. Tomorrow evening at 5:45ish I have a massage scheduled which will bring some much needed relief to my back muscles!

Food note: I bought some Puffins cereal at The Fresh Market the other day which is not unlike Quaker Oatmeal Squares, except for the fact that I almost hate it. It doesn't fill me up at all, and it doesn't taste that great either. Never again!!! Tonight I'm going to have some jambalaya and some banana pudding, both of which my mother made. Have I mentioned that my mother is the most amazing cook? She really is!

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