Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Racing Weight


I speak Spanish pretty fluently so sometimes I just like to break into it. If I hear anyone say as much as, "Hola, como estas?" I will start jabbering away and 99% of the time they will reply, "Whoa, ok, that's all I know."


Last night I played the game: Let's Clean Out the Pantry and Fridge

I cooked quinoa and added a can of tomatoes, a can of black beans (draining beforehand to reduce sodium), broccoli, mushrooms, and vegetable base. The result was a colorful and flavorful dinner that was healthy too!

Regarding triathlon training: I definitely have work to do. A book of my coworker's that I've been reading has opened my eyes! It's called Racing Weight: How To Get Lean For Peak Performance by Matt Fitzgerald. Matt says that triathletes have to essentially build a hybrid body. He says, "Swimmers most often need to lose weight, cyclists need to shift muscle mass from their legs to their upper body,and runners need to develop muscle mass in their legs and upper body."

How am I going to do this? Well, I'm going to continue running and swimming consistently but definitely put more focus on cycling because that is my "weak" area.

The Racing Weight book is fantastic and it has lots of recipes and strength training exercises so I'm going to go ahead and buy it on Amazon.

Bikram tonight...

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