Friday, June 18, 2010

Getting Back Into Running Shape

Before I jump into the main topic of this entry, I wanted to share with y'all the amazing dinner I created last night.

I sauteed onion + red bell pepper + shrimp in oil and seasoning and put it on top of quinoa and then cut up avocado and put that on the very top. Then I roasted asparagus and that was on the side. I had no idea how it would taste but it was DELICIOUS.

The shrimp I used were frozen and I defrosted them in the fridge while I was at work in a bowl of water + chicken base in hopes that that would be some kind of marinade. It truly made a difference. I forget the name of the chicken base I use, but the company also makes a beef base and a veggie base too. Use bases! Preferably without MSG!

So yesterday I did a double workout: short run in the morning and Bikram in the afternoon. During my run I just kept thinking, "Damn, I am out of running shape!" It's true. I used to crank out miles like no other, but recently I have not been feeling my best. So what to do? Make a plan.

I'm going to start running 4 days a week. The weather here has been gosh-awful hot lately so I need to either run early in the morning, late at night, or on the treadmill. This morning I ran on the treadmill and that was painful (not literally) so I'll try and do as much outside as possible.

The triathlon is in a month and a half! I will absolutely NOT die on the 5k (final leg). If I can't bust out a quick 5k, then what the heck am I doing?

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