Sunday, August 29, 2010

Blogger Meet Up!!!

Blogger meetups: It's like eHarmony, but not.

A common trend among bloggers is to meet up for meals, runs, races, and things of that nature. Very popular bloggers that travel frequently always seem to have a following in every city and so we get the pleasure of seeing said blogger with his/her followers - the followers being people like me who put some of these ladies on the same level as someone like Oprah. These events are like meeting old friends - sharing a meal or whatnot with people who have a lot of the same interests as you.

Yesterday I met Stephanie @ Heart Piercing Life for the first time for a walk in the park! After 90 minutes of walking and talking, we were amazed by how many things we have in common: running, Bikram yoga, field hockey, studying abroad in Spain, etc. It was so refreshing and so exciting and I am very grateful for my new friend!

We were joking about bringing our cameras and getting someone to take a picture of us - neither of us ended up bringing a camera, but we'll be prepared next time!

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  1. I'm so glad you guys met! I have been getting lots of messages from people in our area, so we are going to have to put something together soon, there are quite a few of us :) Who knew?!