Saturday, January 22, 2011

Heading For Home

It's wearing thin.

Today marks the one month anniversary of probably the sickest month of my life.

What has come from it?

1. A few visits to the doctor
2. An Upper GI Endoscopy
3. A round of antibiotics
4. Ventures into the world of Neti Pots
5. Resting. And Resting. And being told to rest. And resting more.
6. Treating Mono
7. Treating Gastritis
8. Treating a sinus infection

I could go on and on.

I can't help but wonder, "What did I do wrong?" "How could I have prevented this?"
I can't help but feel weak. As a person who loves to control, I feel controlled by the Mono, or whatever it is that won't let go.

On a good note, I have been in some excellent care. Kudos to my mother, and to Stephanie. Last weekend, Steph and Paul brought me a wonderful bunch of balloons, and here they are via Hipstamatic:

FYI, all the photos on this post will be via Hipstamatic, which is a very cool application on the iPhone.

Steph pulled through again last night and fed me a delicious, colorful, and wholesome meal of: sweet potatoes, bell pepper, kale, and tofu marinated in a mustard dressing and rolled in coconut. She is helping me to slowly appreciate tofu again.

We also drank tea and ate sweets:

I've added two more treatments to my health regimen that seem to be helping:

1. The steam room. I'm thankful that my gym has a steam room and I've used it three times this week. My body is full of toxins right now. What's one way to rid the body of toxins? Sweating. Since I probably shouldn't go jump on a treadmill and sweat that way, I figure that a steam room is the safest option and it doesn't raise my heart rate too much.

2. Drinking hot lemon water. Apparently hot lemon water helps detoxify the body too, and it's just nice to drink warm liquids.

3. Positive thinking. I tell myself that I feel great. If I say it enough, I know it will happen.

We're close to the finish line...I can feel it!

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