Thursday, January 13, 2011

Pre-Scope Jitters

Due to my lack of fitness/health information to talk about due to the lack of fitness I've been doing due to the Mononucleosis due to an unknown factor, I've decided to delve into a topic that is a little more serious: the mind.

The mind is infinitely powerful. Do we control the mind, or does the mind control us? When we sleep, we succumb to the power of the subconcious and we dream about whatever it throws at us. Unless you're a victim of inception (great movie, btw), we don't know what we're going to dream about, or whether it's going to be pleasant or unpleasant.

Last night, I had a bit of a nightmare, but after some reflection, I think I figured out the symbolism of it all. I was at the house I grew up in, at my current age (25), and my parents were out of town and they wanted me to pick up the mail and make sure the house was in good shape. I went out the front door to pick up the mail and someone had gone through it and it was opened and all over the place. In reality, we never used our front door, and we had a P.O. Box, not a mailbox. As I was gathering up the mail, I had a feeling that someone was going to try and come get me (like kidnap me) and/or break into the house, so I got inside as quickly as possible. It took me a while to lock the front door (in reality I always had trouble with that lock) and then I breathed a sigh of relief. Then, I heard a male voice saying my name. The house was supposed to be empty so I was truly scared. I rounded the corner and looked up the stairs, and it was my childhood nanny. As soon as I saw her I knew everything would be all right, and the dream either ended or I forget what happened after that.

My interpretation:

Tomorrow, Friday, I am getting an Upper GI Endoscopy for which they will stick a tube with a camera down my throat to view my stomach and the surrounding areas. As I've never had anything like this done before, it's almost like an invasion of privacy. In my dream, the opened mail and house that seemed to be broken into symbolize that invasion.

The big effort for me to lock the front door symbolized defense. I find that in many of my dreams, I am defending myself against something or someone. In reality, I don't need to defend myself against the doctors because they are only trying to help me.

The male voice is an unknown. Perhaps he's the voice of my doctor.

Seeing my childhood nanny represents warm childhood memories and care. I know that despite it all, I will be ok, and I will be cared for.

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