Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Garage Bar

Last night I went to a new place on East Market in downtown Louisville called Garage Bar. The "Bar" might be optional, because apparently the hostess said, "Welcome to Garage." I think Garage Bar has a good ring to it so I will continue to call it that.

My girlfriends and I ordered two pizzas to share: their white pizza and the Margherita. I forgot to take pictures, but they were both delicious! They both tasted SO fresh and the Margherita had basil on it that they were growing in planters outside!

Garage Bar also features a trend that I've seen around in the past few years: a community table. It's a large, rectangular table that seats about 20 people and your party of four might end up right next to a two top that are complete strangers! It's a neat concept because the large table fits better than several small tables and you invariably strike up conversations with the folks next to you. One couple sat down near us and they said, "I feel like I'm at dinner with my kids!"

To drink I had a Ginger Fizz: ginger syrup, PBR, sprite, and bourbon. It was really refreshing and not strong! They also serve Cheerwine(!) which I only see in the Carolinas.

Garage Bar is a great spot and another example of the great area that East Market is proving to be. They are open until at least midnight seven days a week so you have no excuse - check it out!

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