Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Get Back On That Horse

Has anyone noticed that I haven't talked about my road bike in about 11 months? That's because I haven't ridden it. It leans against a wall in my dining room (classy) and every time I look at it I always think one of three things:

1. I need to go ride that thing.
2. I hate that bike.
3. I hate that bike because I've fallen off it so many times.

I know, I gotta get over it, and I want to.

I busted these out yesterday:

...but not with the intention of getting on my road bike. I'm starting to vary my cardio, and here's why. Running targets certain muscles; however, your legs are only as strong as your weakest muscle. Therefore, I wanted to go back to spinning class so I can obtain overall leg muscle health. Does that make sense?

I went to Scheller's yesterday with the intention of getting separate spinning shoes. The man who helped me determined that it would be more cost effective for me to change my current shoe clips and use one shoe for both the road bike and spinning classes.

After work, I headed to the gym and did a 55 minute spin class and then went straight into an hour long yoga class. I knew that having clips on my road bike was awesome, and the same is true for spinning. When you are clipped in, you have more control when changing speeds and get more drive because you control the pedal in the full rotation (you pull up on the pedal). I felt GREAT in the class and having loud music and a loud instructor kept me motivated. I was tired when I got to yoga, but fortunately the class stretched me out and relaxed me and I left the gym feeling on top.

I can't wait to get to my next spin class. It's good to be back!

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