Monday, December 31, 2012

End of 2012 Thoughts

I haven't posted in the past few weeks due to laziness.  The thought of sitting down and trying to put together the perfect blog entry is a task I just haven't wanted to conquer! 

Christmas was lovely...I got a new television, some Spode Christmas china, some gift cards, et cetera.  I stayed in my pajamas until 8 pm Christmas day (why didn't I just keep them on? I showered, put on real clothes, and went out with some friends). 

Back in late November I started using my Heat Yoga & Wellness Groupon (10 classes) and I finished it by 12/17.  On 12/26, I started using my month unlimited pass at Betsy's Hot Yoga and I've been to two classes.  My goal is to do two classes a week and if we say that the week starts on a Monday then I'm doing well so far!  Although the crowded classes at Betsy's stress me out, there is one thing about the yoga experience there that is pretty amazing: quality instruction.  I feel like the instructors at Betsy's are a lot more vocal and hands-on.  They want you to do a pose correctly and they will help you if you aren't.  I really appreciate that because you could definitely hurt yourself otherwise!  Although there are more advantages than disadvantages to supportive instructors, sometimes I find myself being more frustrated than inspired or enlightened.  The instructors at Betsy's who know me, push me.  They push me despite me not having a lot of studio time this year.  In the past two classes I've received more criticism than compliments, and I've felt so frustrated at times I've wanted to scream!

After yesterday's class I was thinking about my frustration and I realized that maybe that's why I need yoga.  Yoga is a challenge and I need to tackle it by using that frustration as motivation.  If I can't do a yoga pose correctly or run a million miles or do kettle bells movements with ease I get so irritated!  It is unrealistic for me to think that I can be awesome at every single thing that I do.  One of the curses of being an only child is perfectionistic tendencies.  But why?  Regardless of an only child's activities/behavior, they are still the only child and the attention will still be on them.  That said, you might think that only children wouldn't be perfectionistic?  Who knows.  Regardless, I am "blessed" with this trait and it really comes out in the yoga studio and probably because we do everything in front of floor-to-ceiling mirrors.  The mirrors are helpful yet they are a curse because they encourage me to nitpick myself.  I would like to point out that my yoga studio is very materialistic and that doesn't help.  Mostly everyone wears lululemon all the time, wears makeup, fancy jewelry, et cetera.  Not only do you feel like you have to "keep up with the Joneses" in terms of poses, but in terms of your exterior look too.  My studio is not the only one who does this and it's not an issue exclusive to yoga studios, but still.  Nonetheless, my love/hate relationship with yoga is something that's been on my mind lately and I would like to take the next few weeks to turn that hate and frustration into acceptance and love.

Anyway, I'm off to enjoy the end of 2012.  Happy New Year!

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