Sunday, February 10, 2013

2013 So Far...

Well hello there!

2013 came in with a bang.  January was very busy all around - work, Girls on the Run stuff, et cetera.  February has been much more pleasant so far and it's going at a pace that is more my style.  

Here's some highlights of my year so far:

1. Lots of yoga.  For most of January I had a month unlimited pass at Betsy's and I did between 8-10 classes.  That doesn't seem like too many classes for a month, but I was happy to be back at the studio and do what I could.  This week I think I'm going to go get a 10 class card because I'm itching to go back again! In the past I did lots of Bikram classes, but this time around I did more Vinyasa and the change was wonderful.  It made me feel strong!

2. Learning to become a better swimmer.  One of the guys from Kettle Bells class is a swimming coach, and he's helped me a couple of times in the pool.  I've been swimming all my life, but I haven't been officially coached since I was in middle school!  Turns out my stroke was very inefficient.  In my gym's 25 yard pool, it was taking me between 22-24 strokes to get from one side to the other (1 length).  After two sessions with Marvin and some swimming on my own, my average is down to 18!  I have some other "hitches" that need work, but I'm excited about my progress and if I do any triathlons this year I'd guess that my swimming times should improve.

3. Running injury-free!  Back in early December, I was having terrible IT Band pain in my left leg.  By taking some time off, using massage and heat therapy, and strength training I am now back in the game.  In April I'll be heading to Charleston for my third running of the Cooper River Bridge 10k, and my training is going well so far!  I'm running less than ten miles a week right now, but I've got to ease back into running otherwise the IT Band pain is gonna come back - I know it!

4. Weight loss.  For over a year now I've struggled to get my weight below a certain number.  Despite working hard in the gym and eating healthy, the weight wasn't budging.  However, I now have a flexible work schedule which means less time sitting at my desk.  This afternoon I weighed myself and the number I saw was one I haven't seen on the scale in two years!  Obviously I am very excited and I am feeling much more confident about my body.

This coming Friday I am heading to Nashville to spend the weekend with some of my best friends from college.  I haven't been out of town in two months so I am looking forward to it.

Hope everyone's year has been great so far!

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